March 5, 2011

{Lady Klaar} Sole Food

7" stilettos worn by Victoria Beckham

I haven't always been a shoe fanatic, to be quite honest a year ago I had a mere 14 pairs of shoes and was just fine with that. However, as I get older I realize that shoes help to accessorize any outfit, especially authentic, well-made shoes. Depending on the style of a shoe, especially heels and stilettos, could take an outfit from daytime/classroom gear to nighttime/date with Mr. Wright! This week I enjoyed afternoons with clear skies, warm temperatures and cool breezes and it brought on the urge to go shoe shopping! And so, I've spent the past two days searching for summer shoes to include sandals, wedges, slides and flats in cognac, deep brown, mustard, and any color or pattern that catches my eye!

Mariah Carey's closet...what an inspiration!
But as I tried on shoe after shoe, I began to ask myself "Would I be able to wear this in the classroom considering I'll be standing all day?" So, right there smack in the aisle of TJMAXX, I googled recommended daily heel height. According to Kathleen Stone, I shouldn't wear more than an inch and a half if I plan to stand more than eight hours. Doesn't this sound like a grandma shoe to you? Perhaps I could wear a kitten heel, which I've done before, but it just doesn't give the same look as a shoe with a 3 inch heel! It's something about the arch of a foot that makes it appealing. On that notion, I turned down several pairs of shoes despite how gorgeous they were.You have to admit, after a few hours in 3" heels, the balls of your feet start to ache-I know mine do! I hate to disappoint, but I didn't find any heel height that would be classroom appropriate.

I know that pain is beauty or beauty comes with pain -whichever, but what about my health? Do I compromise internal beauty for external beauty? I thought its what's on the inside that counts! Lucky for me I work in an arena which welcomes comfortable attire; slacks and flats are a norm amongst teachers! But, there are some professions where a women in heels is almost mandantory. Sadly, these women spend years and years putting addiional pressure on their knees and toes. Due to the angle of the shoes, they unknowingly lean forward and as a result alter their posture taking their hips and spine out of alignment. As women try to compensate for the pain and maintain an awkward gait, they develop callouses, corns, ingrown toe nails and in extreme cases bunions, hammertoes, pump bumps and even osteoarthritis.

I see a bunion, a corn a possibly a hammertoe! Pretty Face, Ugly Feet!
After viewing those pictures and Iman's feet, I could very well scream to the rooftops "NO MORE HEELS!" But, I'd be lying, I'm still going to wear heels just in moderation. During the week I'll wear flats and heels within the recommended heel height (as I find them) and when I have date night with the mister, or clubbin' with the girls (extremely rare), and on special occasions I'll wear the 2" or higher heels. Years from now, my feet will thank me and I will thank my instinct to research! Ladies, plan for your future today!

What do you wear daily: flats or heels?


  1. Anonymous6/3/11 00:34

    I love love love shoes so naturally I switch it up. I have pumps, flats, gym shoes, converses and the list goes on. I think it's finding what is comfortable for your feet. Actually it's not very good to wear completely flat shoes all the time either. Arch and cushion are important. We as women should take better care of our bodies! Nothing wrong with heels but wearing them every single day for hours is not good! And if we are heel lovers, pedicures could actually be a good regimine .

  2. I have always been a shoe fanatic. When I am student teaching I wear flats or shoes with thick soles. My favorite shoe to wear is a pair of all black Oxfords. They are very girly and comfortable:) When I am going to church I can wear my heels for the whole day because its less standing. I also buy foot inserts for extra support and they actually help.

  3. I love heels but only wear them for 2-3 hours when on a date or out at an event. The highest pair are about 5 inches. I dont go any higher than that. Victorias feet look so deformed in those 7 inchers. She can probably only wear them for 30 minutes TOPS! lol

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  4. I love grandma shoes!!! LOL Almost all of my shoes have a 1/2 - 1 inch heel.
    I used to sacrifice my (feet) comfort for "fashion/appearances" by wearing 3-4 inch heels. No more.

  5. Dushyanthi Melani Niyangoda26/6/11 14:23

    I wear 1.5 inch heels to work. But now I've been wearing flats everyday- They feel a lot better. I am able to walk faster, and be more relieved at the end of the day. I only wear my higher heels when I'm on a dinner date, where walking is very minimal. TIP** to soften your feet, you can wear lotion filled socks at night... lol. It works!


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