April 10, 2011

{All Done Up} April Length Check!

Although I wasn't as excited about getting my hair cut as I was about taking my big hair photos, I am glad to acknowledge that I am making progress in evening up my front and back lengths. It is a daunting process and I am sure I have lost atleast an additional 5 inches than necessary in the nape of my neck. On a more positive note, April 21st marks 1 year of being completely natural and 2 1/2 years since my last perm! That is something to look forward to!

Prior to getting my ends trimmed, I always like to see how long my tresses are blown out! 12/7 and 4/9
I'm not pleased with my professional hair experience this time around. I was happy that she deep conditioned and was easier on my hair than she had been previously, but she added an additional product which made my hair go against the straightening process. I could tell she was having a difficult time when the blow dryer was blowing smoke, not a burning smell, but burning off the product. I don't know how my hair will turn out the next time I wash..will it revert back to my curls or will I have heat damage??? Trying not to be depressed about it! I should have straightened myself and let her trim...oh well

So, because my hair swelled up as soon as I hopped out of the chair, walked through the mall and into my car, I decided to use the curlformers to give it some texture -since it won't stay straight! I'll post some pictures tomorrow, but in the meantime enjoy the April Length Check! BTW, I've decided that I'll be doing another big chop/hefty snip in August to even out my hair completely. By then I think I will be at a length I could adjust to! My bang area is now about 3 inches from touching my collar bone and once it does that, there's no looking back!
I had a feeling I'd lose atleast 1'' during this trim! I was right!! Prior to getting my ends trimmed, my hair in the front measured 12 1/4 inches, it now measures a little past 11 1/4" As always, she cut the back a bit more than the front.


Now, this tells me the truth!! My pony tail is much longer and fuller, might I add!
It's gettin' thick, girl!!
When I first saw this photo, I thought: It hasn't grown at all!! Maybe the reference line should have been my chin!
Very proud of the progress!! The 1 1/2" that grew between 12/18 and 2/8 was clipped off, but it left me with 2" of growth! My ends are even, I promise!! Between the humidity and the additional product she used, my hair didn't stay straight.


  1. Gorgeous progress! I seriously have hair envy right now. I'm trying to grow my hair to longer lengths as well (since it has never been the same since my first relaxer at 16 yrs. old). I strive to have hair as healthy as yours. :-)

  2. Erica Hicks10/4/11 15:47

    Ooh la la... looking great!

  3. Your hair looks so good and she trimmed it well!!! :-)

  4. beautiful..i wish i had the guts!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  5. Anonymous11/4/11 02:09

    Beautiful and an early congrats!

  6. Thank you ladies!! I am super excited about the growth and cannot wait until my hair has another growth spurt...I usually experience this around April - June and Sept - Nov., so I'm on the brink!!


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