April 12, 2011

{All Done Up} Curlformers 2nd Attempt

Being completely honest with you, purchasing the curlformers has been the best hair product/investment I've ever made next to a professional trim! They are so easy to insert, fairly comfortable to sleep in and give such great results...I am so glad that I decided to "hurry up and buy!" This time around I used Giovanni's Smooth as Silk and EcoStyler Gel, this combination allowed my hair to be sculpted without feeling heavy or crunchy.

The pictures speak for themselves, but what they don't say: I only used 27 curlformers! With the fact that I live in geriatricville, I ended up visiting 4 Sally's and only being able to buy 5 bags total. Luckily for me I didn't lose money in gas because most of them were in the direction I was going. Parting my hair into four sections, I used 15 in the back and 12 in the front. I am happy with how the front turned out, but I will be glad to get another bag (+ the 3 unused cfs) to make the back fuller.


Decided not to unravel the coils! They dropped by mid afternoon

This is exactly what I was looking for, however, I can't wait to even up my ends

Could definitely use an extra CF right behind my ear, a lil bare.

Next time, I will part horizontally to eradicate this center part down the back.


Unraveled coils to achieve a fuller look.

Sleeping style: Half up/half down: saves the curls

One section is frizzy, had a hard time inserting CF, hook got caught.

Much fuller than the day before. Hoping it keeps growing!!!


  1. Anonymous12/4/11 21:17

    I love your hair!! You make me want long hair again lol

  2. Your hair looks so soft!!!

  3. Lovely! Just found and subscribed to your blog. I love it and your hair is beautiful :)

  4. I love it! I am going to try this style myself! My hair isnt as long as yours but im excited...thanks for sharing

  5. It looks great, Kay! I really like it and the frizzy one is BARELY noticeable.

    How much did the set cost? I hope you didn't put it in the previous posts and I missed it :/ So If I'm answering a question you've already answered, SO sorry about that!

  6. @chymere Thanks girl...Long hair..more care!! Enjoy that wash and go!

    @MerelyMarie...you know, it really, really is!! At first I was intersted in getting rid of the Giovanni Smooth as Silk, but after second review I will definitely be holding onto it!

    @GG, thanks and do visit often!!

    @Lawanda...there are 3 different kinds..the one's I used were extra long and wide. I recommend that size as you are planning to grow your hair long!!

    @Vee, no problem! Currently I've spent about $67, however, I'd like to purchase one more back bringing my total to $80. The hook was $3.89 and each pack was $12.99 with a Sally's card. I also used a $5 off $25 coupon (found on the blog) to bring my total down. Again, best investment so far!

  7. Anonymous18/4/11 19:39

    Looks great!!


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